Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I am a really bad blogger lately, but I have some excuses...
In the past couple months I have...
1.) Moved back to Maryland! I am missing North Carolina so much though.
2.) Got a job!!!!! I am a "GIS/Mapping Specialist" at URS Corp. It's an awesome job. I love what i'm doing, I really enjoy my co-workers, and i'm learning a lot.
3.) I finally got contacts! (okay, this by no means is an excuse for not blogging, but it's the most excitement I've got in my life these days...)

As far as wedding planning, I have left the work mostly up to my handy dandy wedding planner/ fiancé...
Not only is he cute, but he has probably done more of the planning than me. How lucky am I?
We've made a few wedding decisions recently, so hopefully I'll have more to write about soon!